Paint Effects

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 I’ve been testing different paint effects on the resin shells using glass paint. Its a difficult substance to work with, especially when It needs to look spectacular with light shining through it as well as when the shape is not … Read More


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Lining up all the casts so far creates what looks like a rather unusual family photo!      

Dyeing silk

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Several extra members of the Rodham family are helping with the Illuminarium…Amanda has been using her expertise in textiles (she also studied at UCA, albeit when it was the West Surrey College of Art and Design!) to colour the wing silk … Read More


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These other-worldy objects are moulds containing resin and tissue fibre layers to create a hollow shell structure.

Research trip to Butterfly World

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Over the weekend I went up to Midlothian (near Edinburgh) to Butterfly and Insect World to take some reference photographs. I wanted to capture the textures of the wings, the fascinating shapes and construction of cocoons  and the way these creatures … Read More


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Sculpt of ornate design in plastercine using a glass lantern as a starting point for the shape. Using this I will create a mould in silicone rubber, in order to recreate a cast  of the shape in resin.

Gathering materials

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I’ve been gathering textiles, trimmings and braid from various local haberdasheries. These sari silk samples from Felt Creative will be stitched onto wire framework to fabricate wings.

Bits, bobs and bulbs

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I’ve been gathering a variety of parts and components in order to build some quick prototype electronic rigging for the illuminated elements of the models we will be using. I think I could use some organising device to help keep … Read More